Tom O’Lenic

Tom O’Lenic is an accomplished biotechnology executive, sports enthusiast and boutique winemaker, born in Donora, Pennsylvania and raised in Pittsburgh. His passion for competitive athletics was seeded in his youth in the Iron City, and fueled by his family — Tom’s father played minor league baseball, and his uncle was Baseball Hall of Famer “Stan the Man” Musial. 

Tom is fascinated with history and how the past influences the future, or, in some cases, doesn’t. His experience with the steel industry collapse of the mid-1970s was deeply personal, as his father, an engineer at U.S. Steel, was one of the many thousands of employees who were adversely impacted by the declining business.

Immaculate: How the Steelers Saved Pittsburgh is a passion project for Tom, who has long held the opinion the community of Pittsburgh steeled itself through its deindustrialization transformation with the galvanizing presence of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Tom currently resides in Pleasanton, California.  

Ray Hartjen

Ray Hartjen is a content marketer, writer, musician and songwriter living in Northern California. In a professional career that has spanned parts of five decades, Ray has pivoted on many occasions, from investment banking to pharmaceuticals, from consumer electronics to SaaS software. One constant throughout his career path, however, has been storytelling.

Ray has been a frequent source for quotes from the national media on both the consumer electronics and retail industries, and he has spun his fair share of yarn as a contributor to a number of online outlets, including articles for Yahoo, where he contributed articles about the San Jose Sharks hockey team, and Salesforce AppExchange, where he writes about sales and marketing.

A cancer fighter every day of the week that ends in a ‘y,’ Ray periodically chronicles his experience as a multiple myeloma patient on his blog at And, with life’s soundtrack constantly playing in his head, Ray also tours and records with his two-piece acoustic band, the Chronic Padres. 

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